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KRAUTS & KIMCHIS: Fermenting Vegetables

Fermentation is one of the oldest and safest forms of preserving vegetables. And, you might be surprised to find, one of the easiest! If you have ever wanted to learn how to ferment, but been put off by safety concerns or just not known where to start, this class is for you. Almost any kind of vegetable can be lacto-fermented, which means it is preserved using the naturally occurring good bacterias found on the surface of the veggies. Fermentation is not only a great way to save food, it also has myriad health benefits. It creates millions of probiotics and makes many vitamins and minerals more digestible.

In this beginning workshop, you’ll learn the basic rules of vegetable fermentation, and then create your own jar to take home to ferment into delicious kraut or kimchi! We will also go over some wild plants that will be sprouting up soon that would be wonderful additions to any jar of ferments. There will be samples of various homemade krauts to try.

*This workshop is limited to 15 participants.

Date: May 20, 6pm- 9pm    Cost: $25

Location: The Johnston Square Brick Barn, Baltimore 21202       Instructor: Ellen Paul

Earlier Event: April 22
Later Event: June 7